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Chef Mel is your Happy Foodie Godmother

It was wonderful to be part of the the 96.5FM crew and help their listeners with some kitchen hints and tips.


The Happy Foodie Godmother is my all-new in house TV show where I will help transform those downtrodden home cooks and make them absolutely shine in their kitchens.


So many TV shows focus on those who can really really cook, and let’s face it, there are some lost souls out there that can’t even handle the basics, and those are the ones I want to help!  I want them to feel what it’s like to have a round of applause when they succeed at cooking a tremendous meal.  I want them to feel worth, and happy, and confident in their kitchen.  I have been a chef for more than 20 years, I can make the most basic meal look like a million bucks, and now I want to share my skills and my passion and help those that need me by their sides in the kitchen.


Look out for the Foodie Godmother! Listen here to my Happy Chef segment on 96.5FM…