Mel's favourite Kitchen Fashion

CHEF MEL is serving up a selection of her recipes, in-house TV and media events for you to share, enjoy and to inspire and motivate you in the kitchen so that you’ll surely get you a round of applause the next time you cook a meal, you’ll be happy in the kitchen in no time!

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Designer Apron: Flour is your friend!

Designer Apron: Flour is your friend

Some of Mel's hilarious advice to help you enjoy handling bread, pasta and pastry dough.  Having dough stick to your hands in one of the most annoying and stressful things.

Buy one of these aprons to be your guide!

Using flour or oil on your hands will prevent this from happening and is marvellous and fun advice you can share with your loved ones. If you're handling sourdough or ciabatta, water on the hands will help with the stretch and fold.

Mel always says if you have dough sticking to your hands everyone will know it's your first look like a pro and know how to handle your dough.