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Chef Mel’s Edible Petal Bling

Chef Mel's Edible Petal Bling

I've been using edible petals for ages, I think they are just so pretty and they show that lovely 'cheffy' flair that we all like to achieve when entertaining...or just spoiling ourselves!

I use these edible petals as a decoration on my favourite cocktail, just on the ice and then sip the cocktail through a straw.  I also use as a beautiful pop of colour and a dash of dramatic glamour to salads, desserts, cupcakes and even soups.

You'll find heaps of uses for this amazing blend of petals,  I've blended these for maximum colour with pink and red rose petals, dramatic cornflower, safflower, calendula and seasonal bloom.s

I can't wait for you to try these on your next Aperol Spritz, Gin Cocktail or cupcake!

Tag me when you use these, I would LOVE to see you use these YOUR way.

Happy Cooking

Chef Me

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Chef Mel’s Porcini Mushroom Dust

Chef Mel's Porcini Mushroom Dust

A concentrated mushroom powder that is ready to stir through cream, soups, stocks, risottos and so many more dishes.  You won't need to use much of this amazing mushroom powder, the flavour is intense and immediate.

Having this easy to use powder in your spice draw means you can pimp up your next bolognaise, sauce, or any weeknight meal that needs a bit of flavour.  Perfect to dazzle and amaze your guests at your next dinner party!

Happy Cooking

Chef Mel

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Chef Mel Sexy Black Salt Flakes

  • Sexy Black Salt Flakes

We all know salts have recently come back into fashion but beware...this one is the sexiest of them all! Serve on own in a pinch-pot, bash up with pink peppercorns, or use combined with your selection of dried or fresh petals to bling up anything that needs a sexy seasoning.


With glamorous and dramatic triangular salt flakes that are full of crunch and personality, these salt flakes from Cyrus will be an amazing addition to your pantry.


I also use these dramatic black flakes to garnish the rim of my margarita glass for a dramatic cocktail!

Happy Cooking!

Mel Alafaci (nee Townsend)

The Vanilla Zulu