Chef Mel’s Culinary Bling Range: The Cheffy Toolbox

And now to get a round of applause every time you create a meal…

Containing 5 amazing pouches of pure culinary bling to make your meals pop off the plate both with colour AND personality. Why not have a look at our other products, oils, glazes etc to increase your culinary ammunition


Containing 5 amazing pouches of pure culinary bling to make your meals pop off the plate both with colour AND personality

Chef Mel's Toolbox ENTIRE Range: Finishing Touches for Food SALE PRICE $59.95 instead of $76.75 Your hamper will contain:

  • Culinary Spray Tan Ras el Hanout

This fragrant mix of turmeric, ras el hanout and salt can be mixed to a paste with oil or water and then rubbed into your next leg/shoulder of lamb, roast chicken, vegetables or beef and will give not only colour and 'sun tan' but wonderful mysterious flavour too! Your friends and family will be begging you for your secret. This is an amazing Moroccan/North African spice blend. Use it to transform your every day dishes. This is Chef Mel's own signature recipe, you'll add so much personality and flavour to veggies, meats, and all sorts of amazing dishes, it really is very versatile,

  • Dried Porcini Mushroom Dust

If you need intense mushroom flavour then this is the dust for you.  A glorious blend of concentrated powdered porcini mushrooms that can be added directly to soups, stocks, cream sauces, risotto, stews, omelettes, roast vegetables and more.

  • Edible Petals

These beautiful edible petals add fragrance and personality to both sweet and savoury dishes. Perfect to decorate cocktails, Aperol Spritz and gin...just balance on the ice and sip the cocktail through the straw.  The most gorgeous decoration...and so very versatile. Use them in your bread dough, pasta dough, in praline or to colour up a dukkah! They keep for ages and you'll use them all the time. A beautiful selection of edible petals including rose, cornflower, calendula, safflower and lavender.

  • Sexy Black Salt Flakes

We all know salts have recently come back into fashion but beware...this one is the sexiest of them all! Serve on it's own in a pinch-pot, bash up with pink peppercorns, or use combined with your selection of dried or fresh petals to bling up anything that needs a sexy seasoning. These are a naturally occurring flake salt from Cyprus. A large and lovely pyramid shaped flake, so it will be crunchy and dramatic. I also use mine to garnish the rim of my Margarita glass! Poached eggs love a sprinkling of sexy black salt flakes.  I also love to use these dramatic flakes on my signature black salt and rosemary focaccia.  Scan the QR code on the product for wonderful recipes.

  • Chef Mels Vanilla Zulu's famous pistachio and Ras el Hanout dust: Fragrant Dukkah

A glamorous and fragrant 'dukkah' that can be used to sprinkle over a multitude of dishes. This delicious and colourful 'dust' is highly versatile.

  • Try a dipping sauce of extra virgin olive oil and this dust to dunk your bread into.
  • Spray tan a whole cauliflower or cauliflower pieces with my Culinary Spray Tan Ras el Hanout mixed to a paste with oil, then bake and serve sprinkled with my amazing Pistachio and Ras el Hanout Gravel.
  • Garnish your next shoulder of lamb, lamb backstrap, eye fillet or chicken breast with this delicous and crunchy culinary dust.
  • Sprinkle over salads to add interesting colour, texture and personality
  • Serve dusted over hummus or other dips to give them crunch and flavour
  • Bake a camembert or brie in an oven proof dish for 8-12 minutes until oozing and melted, remove from heat, drizzle with honey and then dust with your Pistachio and Ras el Hanout Dust.

So many uses. Can be kept in fridge or freezer to extend shelf life. If kept on shelf please use within twelve months. Happy Cooking! Mel Alafaci The Happy Chef   Chef Mels Note: This range of professional finishing touches for food was born out of my passion for teaching foodies and wanna-be foodies how to transform everyday ingredients and meals into show-stopping restaurant style meals, worthy of a round of applause. I originally used these products during my classes at Vanilla Zulu Cooking School, and students would ask where they could get them.  We started to 'give them a little' to take home, decanting the products into bags or jars so eventually I though I had better start making the packaging a little more respectable...and the product range was born. Having these 'cheffy' ingredients easily on hand in your kitchen will make you unstoppable.  Not only does my range add that fancy 'cheffy' touch, but they are super easy, inexpensive and versatile.  They will add flavour, colour and personality to so many dishes, transforming what you are already making AND making you more confident to try something new. These are products you don't find readily in supermarkets, so will set you apart from your family and friends.  Everyone wants that little bit of recognition when they have put their heart and soul into cooking a meal.  My products allow you to be lazy, but clever, so all the hard work has been done for you.  Shortcuts in the kitchen are the best way to go, I love teaching how to be lazy and confident and relaxed and STILL cook sensational family or entertaining meals. You can live happily ever after in your kitchen. Happy Cooking Chef Mel


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