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Eat Yourself Sexy Online Course

Delicious & versatile recipes to help you enjoy eating healthy food.

Learn how to prepare nutritious and healthy meals that can improve your overall health and well-being, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Coaching and motivational online workshops

Complete Online Course


Planners and shopping lists

Easy to follow tutorial videos

Travel and eating out tips

170 page eBook with healthy recipes

Normal PRICE $597 EARLYBIRD IS $397

Culinary Quickies Online Course

An intensive online training program designed to teach you valuable cheffy skills for life.

Cooking shouldn’t be complicated, and learning shouldn’t be intimidating! This course will lead to show-stopping restaurant quality meals from your very own kitchen with ease, increased confidence in the kitchen, and improved cooking efficiency. You will learn all my hacks, and my signature shortcuts so you can easily prepare delicious, fun, vibrant, and colourful dishes that can go on to become your own personal favourites. This course is perfect if you want to get your inpiration back in your kitchen and is based on my signature recipes.

Master cheffy skills along the way.

Be unstoppable in your kitchen.

Learn how to make your meals look, taste and sound more cheffy and delicious.

Includes: FULL COURSE + Culinary Quickies eBook + Little Black Book of Culinary Bling eBook + FULL KNIFE SKILLS COURSE

Normal Price $597 EARLYBIRD IS $397

Chef Skills Online Course

Learn to be happy and confident in your own kitchen.

You should NOT be stressing when you are cooking family meals, dinner parties or festive occasions. It’s time to learn some valuable skills and confidence in YOUR kitchen. You deserve to be a relaxed, confident and happy cook. Let me guide you to culinary happiness.

 My students say I have changed their lives and given them life-long skills.  Let me do the same for you.  They gave me my nickname, The Happy Chef, which I am so proud of. Join us NOW!

This a full course that will cover all of the skills you would learn in a professional cookery course.

Includes: FULL COURSE + 220 page eBook + FULL KNIFE SKILLS COURSE + Certificate of Completion + Private learning portal.

You will be able to cook along at your own pace, and will get a certificate on completion.

Normal Price: $1297 EARLYBIRD IS $795