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Hospitality Training

For Chefs, Cooks & Kitchen Hands. Uplift, transform and motivate your hospitality team! Read More…

Food Technology

For Teachers & Students. Elevate your curriculum delivery to improve student results and engagement. Read More…

Health & Wellness

For business teams. Chef Mel, “The Happy Chef” will transform your team’s performance and happiness. Read More…

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Increased Engaement

Online courses that staff can access anytime make it incredibly easy for a busy business to be able to train its staff. Staff will learn more and be more engaged.

Benefits Remote Teams

It can be very difficult and time-consuming for remote teams to access top international quality training. Chef Mel delivers on all fronts with her online courses.

Productive & Happier

Looking after your team’s health and wellbeing in the workplace is crucial for creating a productive environment. Chef Mel believes that a healthy team is a more productive team.

Hospitality TrainingAcademy

For Chefs, Cooks & Kitchen Hands

Uplift, transform and motivate your hospitality team! Training videos & content to support your chefs, cooks & kitchen hands. Chef Mel provides you with additional training and inspiration to increase the quality and the skills of your staff and food offerings.

Uplift and empower your staff, increase the variety and quality of your food offering, explore new ideas and trends, and easily cater for all diets. All diets can be catered for with these versatile and trendy cooking lessons and recipe books. A private learning portal allows for easy access to training videos, cookbooks, and monthly updates to content to keep the team motivated. You’ll have direct access to Chef Mel, and she will be your personal chef, there to answer any questions that you and your team might have along the way.

Transform skills and improve your menu and customer satisfaction. Help your kitchen staff uncover the secrets to preparing amazing and delicious menus. Imagine how it will feel to have your own chef to consult on menus and planning.

Food TechnologyAcademy

For Highschool Teachers & Students

Elevate your curriculum delivery with Chef Mel’s Food Technology Academy. Helping teachers with their professional development and improving student results and engagement.

Chef Mel’s online courses provide training videos and content to support your teachers and students. Uncover the secrets to preparing amazing and engaging lessons with support through videos and recipe ideas with Chef Mel’s eBook with over 226 pages of recipes.

You’ll have access to current and emerging trends at your fingertips. Help them learn how to strategically plan and prepare current trends into their lessons, giving them the edge.

All of this is in an easy-to-access portal for your food technology team. Plus a FREE knife skills course.

Health & WellnessAcademy

For Teams, Teachers & Students

Elevate your team’s performance and wellbeing with Chef Mel’s healthy cooking & meal preparation platform. Chef Mel, the renowned and enthusiastic culinary expert known as “the happy chef,” presents a transformative platform centred around healthy cooking and efficient meal prep strategies to empower your team members toward greater self-development and success. Transform your staff’s health, happiness and engagement. Also, eating nutritious meals will enhance their overall performance.

Help your staff uncover the secrets to preparing healthy meals that boost their and their family’s overall well-being, propelling your organisation towards a happier, healthier work environment for the entire workforce. Master the art of quick and cost-effective meal preparation, ensuring a balanced diet even if they are busy and time-poor. Strategically plan and prepare meals in advance, giving them a healthy eating journey. Your team will also receive a full downloadable eBook with 80+ pages of recipes to inspire them. There is also a knife skills course included. It’s also a wonderful way to connect your team and build relationships between staff members… delicious team building where everyone benefits.

Massive ROI for you, and you’ll help your workforce Save Time and Money.

About Chef Mel

Why settle for ordinary culinary experiences when you can embark on a journey of learning, health, and wellness with Chef Mel’s exceptional online cooking courses? Infectious enthusiasm and unparalleled talent define Chef Mel’s approach to simplifying and invigorating the art of cooking, guaranteeing to ignite your passion for creating wholesome meals. Whether you aspire to enhance your culinary skills or embrace a healthier lifestyle, Chef Mel’s warm and fun approach will make you feel like a kitchen virtuoso. From invaluable tips to innovative plating techniques, her online courses are a gateway to elevate your skills to extraordinary heights. Don’t hesitate any longer! Immerse yourself in Chef Mel’s culinary expertise and witness the joy and well-being flourish in your kitchen.

Mel Asked Her Fans…

“Tell me what my cooking style is and how I have helped your cooking or changed your life!”

I used to so look forward to our cooking classes then called Gecko Culinary Adventures in Durban. I got my first certificate in April 2005. Mel the recipes you taught us I still use today. I would say move over many a famous Chef here comes Mel With your talent and enthusiasm and passion you can only go one way and that is right to the top. Congratulations love you and what you do x.
Rike Freifrau Von Ketelhodt-Kraske

Chef Mel has shown me what a difference the plating makes. It can be a certain basic meal but by layering your sliced meat and making the potatoes pretty with a bit of chopped parsley. Using plates that you use as display only getting adventurous.

Lindsay Roberts

Mel’s cooking style is practical and fun. She has taught me to be more courageous in the kitchen and how to present a beautiful plate. Her recipes are easy to follow and so incredibly yummy!

Lindy MacPherson
Chef Mels cooking style is just FAB U LOUS darling. Every meal is an adventure Chef Mel puts the “fun “ into cooking and and inspiration for me is creating delicious and delectable meals. She has taught me to look into the fridge and use what is available to create exciting non boring meals, she has taught me to experiment and push the boundaries. The best part of our lessons was always seeing what we could adapt from our own fridges and the sexy cooking short cuts and handy tips are the best! Cooking is now fun thank you Mel
Esther Currie

Chef Mel has a flair like no other. She has taught me to be more experimental in my cooking and presentation. She always goes the extra mile.

Jo Shearer

Hey Mel , you make everything look so easy mixed with your great sense of humour and fun . Definitely an inspiration and love your classes . Still haven’t managed to stuff up your world famous focaccia

Anthony Harries

Before I did Mel’s cooking school I was impotent but now all my friends enjoy my creative sexy paddock to plate.

Lance R Collett

Chef Mel’s cooking style is FUN! My favorite for the past 10 years has been her poor man’s creme Brule and the basic bread dough recipe. Miss you here in Durbs!

Trish Eksteen

Chef Mel’s cooking style is Elegant and classic with some modern twists. True foody.

Steve Glaze

Chef Mel is so vibrant and her passion for fun food is so easy to share!

Emily Hill

Chef Mels cooking is fun and exciting. She is so passionate it makes you want to do the “cheffy shake!” Chefs always make something look easy to do.. until you try it yourself!! but she has a way of making everything easier with so many great shortcuts and tips along the way to build your confidence…you always feel like a success in the kitchen doing it Chef Mels way

Sharon Simpson

Chef Mel’s cooking style makes things quicker and easier and teaches you little tips and tricks to make your feel more confident. As a result, my cooking tastes better and she is an expert at culinary bling and presentation so your dishes look even more amazing. I am grateful for her energy and passion for good food.

Brenda Forrest
Mel is passionate, kind, knowledgeable and an amazing Chef. Her ability to encourage and be so kind is almost the thing of text books… I truly think Mel is 1 in a million and I’m very blessed to call her a friend.
Brett Harris

Chef Mel is a great chef and teacher as she gets you excited at how simple and fun yet delicious she makes cooking ! Her style is so encouraging and confident you feel you can cook anything ! With her classes you learn tricks to make your dinner party perfect

Susan Sabido

Modern, elegant and approachable for the home cook.

Amanda Louise Mapp

A Sample of the CompaniesChef Mel Has Worked With