Foodie Tours

As a self-proclaimed Cultural Gastronomist, Mel loves to unearth how food is enjoyed in other cultures.

She blames her passion for food and travel on her backpacking chef days, where she ‘cooked’ herself around the world, eagerly learning every cultural secret she could and then sharing all of her newfound recipes with anyone that would listen.

Her passion and enthusiasm for food is unwaivering. Mel loves to promote travel around the world.  To her it’s not only the adventure, but the food and local wines and spirits and people that make for a lifetime of precious memories and experiences.

Promoting her African heritage is another one of her passions. The food, wine and gin culture of Africa combined with safaris makes for a lot of culinary happiness…food for the soul.

A Taste of Tuscany

A Taste of Okayama

10th – 17th October 2024

Foodie Tour and  Cooking Classes as well as sightseeing.

A Taste of South Africa

18th  – 28th August 2024

Foodie Tour, African Safari, then head down to the winelands for Food and Wine Tour of the wine regions of Cape Town.

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