Ainsley Harriott and Chef Mel

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I’ve been lucky enough to meet Ainsley Harriott twice!  The first time was in Durban South Africa with my first cooking school, when I was invited to an event with the SPAR group for a Charity event hosted by Ainsley.  I was so excited to meet him and he was gracious enough to have his photo taken with everyone there.  What a trooper!

People often joke and say we looked like we were posing for a Colgate advert with our huge smiles.  Happiness is happiness folks!


The second time was here in Brisbane in 2012 at the Good Food and Wine show.  I managed to get a second photo with the man himself, and even showed him the first photo we took together!  Was a fabulous reunion.  Thanks Ainsley.

Happy Cooking from the Colgate Chefs.