As Seen in The Boston Herald – Chef Mel Announces Culinary Quickies Book Series For Seasoned and Aspiring Chefs

Each book will be accompanied by episodes via Exclusive Chef Mel TV YouTube Series

Chef Melanie Alafaci, aka ‘Chef Mel, The Happy Chef’, is pleased to announce her ongoing cook book series, Culinary Quickies, which will work in conjunction with her current running YouTube series, Chef Mel TV.

An executive chef, culinary personality and founder of the cooking School, Vanilla Zulu, Chef Mel is making cooking fun again for both professional and amateur chefs. Her teachings include cooking tutorials, recipe ideas, making anything look spectacular with even the most-basic of ingredients, as well as plate presentation, and valuable ‘cheffy’ skills.

Her first book, Culinary Quickies, is not just another cookbook. As a cooking school teacher her writing style transcends traditional cookbooks. By upskilling readers to succeed in avoiding common culinary mistakes and adopting Chef Mel’s enthusiasm, confidence and culinary know-how, she promises her readers will live happily ever after in their kitchens. The series has two more additions coming soon and pairs humor with chef-like shortcuts and tips to make cooking pleasurable and delicious.

Chef Mel TV, her YouTube channel, features entertaining episodes that include recipes, tutorials, and interviews, among many other fun content.

“Cook with passion. I can personally make any food or ingredients look, taste and sound sexy,” said Chef Mel. “I want to help people feel confident in the kitchen and even garner applause from their families and friends. Food is like clothing, we need to dress it up, add color, texture, accessories and personality to even our simplest weeknight meal. Food is art.”

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