Gourmet Garden Head Chef Herb E-Cooking School

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“I’m very excited to introduce you to a new member of our panel of herb experts, Chef Mel. Mel is the ultimate foodie.  Zimbabwean born and trained as a chef in an Indian influenced area, Mel has a very broad palate.  This bubbly executive chef runs a terrific cooking school, Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures, and loves to share her passion for food.  The recipes she develops reflects her love for food and culture.  She definitely is a busy woman though running a business and raising two children!  She will be head chef at the herb e-cooking school.


Shes’s a lovely lady and a fantastic chef so I look forward to seeing all of her handy tips!


Kayla – editor”


Chef Mel as ambassador and head chef for Gourmet Garden in 2014 for their amazing herb e-cooking school.


Mel also wrote and helped with the food styling for the three Gourmet Garden books that were published for Coles and Woolworths.