Quickies Cheffy Skills Cookbook – Paperback

A brilliant book to level up your cheffy skills at home or at work. Recipes will train you and give you cheffy skills in your kitchen. The recipes have been simplified, tried and tested so that they get your perfect results.

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This book is a fantastic reference book for the aspiring chef and home foodies. You will be able to level up your cheffy skills to amazing new heights and transform your knowledge of cooking quickly and easily with these tried and tested recipes. The recipes are simple, easy and effective to help you get the success you want and deserve.

Chef Mel Alafaci has been a professional chef since 1992. Her passion for cooking, eating, and teaching is unwavering.

Her intoxicating enthusiasm, authenticity and unique culinary lingo will have you hungry to flex your muscles in the kitchen.

Mel is brilliant at adding humour, shortcuts, and tricks to all those tedious tasks that can kill your passion for cooking.

Every recipe has been designed, tried, and tested by Mel, and she is proud to share these with you. The recipes in this book are fantastic at building your fundamental cheffy skills.  There are mother sauces, daughter sauces and a wonderful input of Chef Mel's tips, advice and secrets along the way.

You will learn your way through breads, sauces, pastries, starters, mains, desserts and more. You will never look back with this cookbook by your side; best of all, you'll have so much delicious fun along the way.

Happy Cooking

Chef Mel