How many knives do I need in my kitchen?

How many knives do I need in my kitchen?

Unless you’re a professional chef you really can just stick to a small collection of knives to make sure you are as efficient as you can be in the kitchen.

It is imperative that you have a set of knives that makes you unstoppable in the kitchen. It really is the best way to start enjoying the prep work to produce amazing, healthy, gorgeous, and nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones.

If your knives are blunt, it really doesn’t matter at all how many knives you have…ONE single knife that is sharp is worth a hundred blunt ones.

So, after that little lecture, here are the knives I recommend in order to be the best version of you in the kitchen that you can be. It’s more of how many knives do you want I suppose…I don’t think I’ll ever stop collecting.

Knife 1 = Paring Knife

Small, precision cutting blade, perfect for peeling, slicing. I use mine mainly for onion chopping, vegetable prep and especially tomatoes if you don’t have a serrated tomato knife. Any time a chef’s knife is just too big for the task.

Knife 2 = Chef’s Knife or Cleaver

Be sure to choose a chef’s knife that fits into your hand like it’s meant to be there. Not too big, not too small…but just right.

A chef’s knife or cleaver knife is what you would use to finely chop down herbs, any time where a rocking chopping action is the best way to process food.

My favourite is a larger style because I have a bigger hand so the 25cm cooks’ knife is perfect for me. I had so much fun adding to my collection when in Switzerland…chef knife heaven in my opinion. I spoiled myself to a beautiful rosewood handle Victorinox on my last trip, and more locally I love the amazing Koi knives that feature stunning Australian hardwood handles…sublime!

Knife shopping in Zurich…knife heaven!

To be honest, I usually grab my trusty $30 vegetable cleaver, it’s so versatile.  It is just built for my hand, like an extension of my cheffiness.  I can chop, slice, dice, mash, bash, and scoop prepped food easily and efficiently leaving more time for more important things. I really do feel very powerful and efficient when I use it.

One of my favourite knives…the humble cleaver.

Knife 3 = Bread or Serrated knife

For obvious loaf and cake cutting needs.

My private collection…after a much-needed sharpening

These are the three basic knives you will need, but if you’re a passionate foodie or knife collector like I appear to be, then you just get as many knives as you feel is necessary to absolutely shine in the kitchen.

Other knives include

  • Serrated tomato knife
  • Boning knife
  • Utility knife
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Fish filleting knife

Join me soon as I’ve decided I need to do a short video tutorial to show you how to chop with your fancy knives.

So exciting to share my quick and easy tricks with you…you’ll be chopping like a professional in no time.


Kind Regards,

Mel Alafaci (nee Townsend)