Chef Mel in SHE The Magazine

Celebrating Hug A Vegetarian Day With Chef Mel

‘The Happy Chef,’ aka Chef Mel Alafaci, has made her name by making everyday foods fun and sexy to make, eat, and see. This September, she’s turning her playful eye to vegetarians and presents a seductive meat-free recipe that anyone can make at home.

In honor of ‘Hug a Vegetarian Day’ on September 23, Chef Mel decided to explain and share one of her favorite plant-based dishes — one she wears is as sexy as her meaty marvels and charming cheese plates.

The vegetarian day was founded with the help of the non-profit PETA to uplift and celebrate people living a meat-free life.

In decades past, it wasn’t always easy to find delicious vegetarian options in restaurants or while on the go. And most home cooking recipes were based on health factors rather than delight and deliciousness.

“Vegetarianism and plant-based living become more popular every year, and I’m here for it,” said Chef Mel, “There’s absolutely no reason why meat- and animal product-free cooking can’t be just as sexy as a Chateaubriand or an oyster plate.”

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