Culinary Quickies Online Course – less than 30 days to a complete transformation

Culinary Quickies ONLINE cooking course with Chef Mel

In 3 days, you'll be inspired and changed 30 days, you'll be transformed for life!


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Culinary Quickies online course will guide you to culinary awesomeness in just 3 days or one you WILL 100% be more cheffy in 30 days and will never feel inadequate in the kitchen again.


Known as the Queen of Culinary Bling, this sassy, smiley, happy chef will have you creating culinary masterpieces out of everyday ingredients in no time.

Chef Mel shares ALL her culinary secrets and shortcuts, offering practical advice to get you feeling confident and to find your mojo in the kitchen again. Best of all she will make you extremely efficient and save you time and stress and heartache in the kitchen. This book is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced foodies. The advice, hints, and tips given are simple, hilarious, and effective.

We all feel like we need a makeover from time to time, especially with our frantic schedules…

Makeovers make us feel all shiny, new, and worthwhile again. I always say that recipes should be like your little black dress, or your favourite suit…new earrings + new handbag = new outfit. It’s the same for me with cooking. I rehash my favourite old-faithful recipes again and again…new spices + new accompaniments = new recipe. I’m sure, like me, you often feel that your cooking needs a makeover tooEasily done.


Food has a language all of its own, it can break down barriers and bring cultures together. I love to travel, it helps me to find wonderful new ideas on how to interpret and refresh basic ingredients. Yes, this is a cookbook with all of my favourite recipes BUT my recipes are written in a very different style than most recipes. Often if you try and cook from a recipe so many integral parts of the recipe are left out leaving you frustrated and failing. I will ALWAYS mention the important bits so that you can almost have me right by your side guiding you all the way. My recipes will train you to be able to handle other recipes in a more confident and successful way.


Together we will be unstoppable in the kitchen! 


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Meet Chef Mel...

Passionate Foodie and Owner of Vanilla Zulu Cooking Schoool


Dubbed “The Happy Chef” by her students, Chef Mel is brilliant at making everyday dishes dazzling. Her clever approach to cooking focuses on simple versatile recipes with time spent on an excellent presentation.

The enthusiastic, entertaining, award-winning African-Australian chef and cooking school owner say with a little know-how anyone can plate up spectacular spreads like those you would expect to see in five-star restaurants.

She promises that after one of her classes you will live happily ever after in the kitchen and ardently believes that even boring mince and chicken breasts can be absolutely sexy.

She can’t wait to help you become the foodie you have always wanted to be!

In this course, I will not only help you completely makeover your kitchen attitude, but also train you on all the kitchen skills that I think you need to be absolutely fabulous in the kitchen. Once you have mastered these skills you will have the confidence to tackle more and more dishes and in doing so, find your freedom in the kitchen. I really do want you to soar to new culinary heights. No one should feel stressed and despondent in the kitchen, I really do believe that food is a wonderful way of expressing your mood, sharing food with friends and family, and making them know how much you care about them. Cooking also brings friends and family together as nothing else can. If you’ve said in the last few days or weeks or months that you hate cooking, then this is definitely the course for you.

This is what my global students and customers have said about the Culinary Quickies Course...


Take a glimpse of the recipes inside this course...


...and you also get these amazing bonuses:

Free Cocktail Guide for your next dinner party

Free Facebook Group for support and chats with like-minded Easy Christmas Foodies.

Free Easy-to-Follow Instructional Videos 

Free Culinary Quickies eBook

Free access to my Leftover Book Recipes

Free How to Shop Checklist

Are you ready to master some seriously amazing cheffy skills and actually enjoy your kitchen again?

The Culinary Quickies Course is at the introductory price of $39.95*. Grab this course now! You’ll be supported every step of the way with videos, How-to-Shop checklists, and lifetime access to a private Facebook group. And the food will be truly amazing. So, get it now before this delicious offer disappears*.

$89.95 AUD

*Introductory offer of $39.95 AUD ends at midnight on January 1st, 2023 (AEST). Price after offer $79.95 AUD

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