Quickies Eat Yourself Sexy Cookbook – Paperback

Culinary Quickies is the absolutely must have cook book like no other before it.  Concentrating on up-skilling and inspiring the reader, Chef Mel Alafaci’s intoxicating enthusiasm, authenticity and unique culinary lingo will have you hungry to flex your muscles in the kitchen. Mel is brilliant at adding humour, shortcuts and tricks to all those tedious tasks that you have to endure. Every recipe has been designed, tried and tested by Mel and she is proud to share these with you.

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Eat Yourself Sexy is a healthy eating cookbook written by Chef Mel Alafaci. Mel is brilliant at making healthy, nutritious food absolutely delicious and gorgeous. This book is also going to help create new habits and mindset around eating for nutrition. This collection of recipes is a wonderful way to Eat Yourself Sexy AND have fun along the way. No more tedious diet food that lacks flavour; your meals will be like show-stopping restaurant creations...with none of the hard work.

This collection of recipes will teach you how to be lazy, clever and efficient in your own kitchen. The recipes are easy and economical and are versatile for family meals or entertaining. Chef Mel will take you through how to plan to succeed on this kickstart journey to health and happiness...while making delicious discoveries along the way. You will use this book all the time.

You will be feeling and looking sexy and healthy in no time, this book also includes action plans, questionnaires and advice to get you started and able to succeed.



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