Chef Mel’s Vegan Tower of Pleasure…and how to make your own FREE reusable stacking ring

Chef Mel’s famous signature Vegan Tower of Pleasure…and how to make your own FREE reusable stacking ring.

To create the perfect vegan tower of pleasure, all you need is some amazing roast veggies of your choice, some sexy chick peas, a stacking ring and some pure raw talent… No I’m kidding! It’s super easy, just follow my lead. Cut your veggies and place on a greased roasting tray. I generally do sliced eggplant, small diced pumpkin or sweet potato, florets of cauliflower, carrot roundels, snapped asparagus and a tin of drained chick peas. Sprinkle them with olive oil and seasoning, I use my amazing Chef Mel Culinary Spray Tan Ras el Hanout OR the also very famous Dried Porchini Mushroom Dust from my new range for some flavour and personality.

Roast hot and fast at 220c for about 12- 15 minutes, until the veggies are brown and delicious. Roasting at 180c will take far too long, go swearword hot and get some delcious flavour too.  The smaller you cut them the faster they will roast.

When cooked and cool enough to touch, start stacking. You don’t need to purchase a stacking ring, you can simply use an empty plastic peanut butter jar. Rinse it out, cut through the neck of the jar with scissors, then use a bread knife to cut the top and bottom off the jar. Voila…you have a free, heavy duty plastic stacking ring! Start with a disc of the cooked eggplant, then start packing the vegetables in one at a time. You will have to pack it down nice and hard with the back of a soup or dessert spoon, then start pushing the stack down while pulling the stack up, you should have a perfect shaped stack left behind on the plate. It’s so easy and so lovely and dramatic and beautiful! I top this with beautiful micro herbs, or sweet potato fries for crunch. Enjoy!